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Eliminate reactive support & broken processes. CommandLink is built to help law firms simplify and streamline IT management, leveraging our proprietary ITSM platform and ultra-redundant network
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IT Chaos

The recent explosion of vendor relationships and management is overwhelming IT departments, leading to vendor outages, security breaches, and poor user experiences.

The solution to today's problems is not adding another vendor but simplifying the technology stack with a competent unified solution.

Why CommandLink?

CommandLink enables your IT department by consolidating your technology stack in ONE platform to manage your SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, firewalls, MPLS, network, switches, IP phones, installs, trouble tickets, bills, and network performance across the entire globe.
IT Automation
By leveraging CommandLink's proprietary ITSM, your IT department can build a fully integrated custom alert policy for your entire tech stack with granular workflows based on time of day, user, location, service, and more.
Remote Power Management
Reduce downtime with Power|Link, providing granular instant remote power management to an entire rack-mounted system.
Eliminate Your Vendor Sprawl
One vendor, one platform, and one MSA for the entire globe, giving you access to every carrier and every access type, including: Fiber, Ethernet, Cable, Broadband, 4G/5G/LTE, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite.
Eliminate Tiered Support Misery
CommandLink makes it easier for your team to get more done with less effort and time. Your organization receives a dedicated 24/7 tier-3 engineering POD that handles all your support needs and knows your business and solutions.

IT Job Security Report

After researching thousands of IT careers, we uncovered the factors that are most likely to lead to a long and happy IT career.
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Experience Matters

As any successful law firm can attest, experience matters and it's no different when it comes to IT. Many of the world's largest law firms rely on CommandLink to scale and enable their IT departments.

Recently, a top 25 Law Firm in the US & globally with $2BB+ revenue turned to CommandLink to modernize their global network, creating an ultra-redundant network that both simplifies and automates their network management.
- Expensive network costs
- Lack of visibility
- Complex network migration
- Global footprint
- Zero support automation
- No centralized management
- Eliminate complex vendor sprawl
- Incorporate SD-WAN and MPLS under one solution across the globe
- Deploy managed dedicated internet globally while also providing private networking for strategic data centers
- Create an ultra-redundant network that is both simple and easy to manage
- Primary and redundant secondary dedicated internet/network connectivity for each location
- P2P connectivity between datacenters
- MPLS connections into specific sites for global redundancy/private networking
- Provided a scalable single-vendor solution to simplify network management, saving thousands of IT hours
- Superior support and project management
- The CommandLink ITSM platform provided comprehensive visibility and control over the network

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