Network & Application Visibility + Reporting

We provide real-time and historical search, reports on usage patterns, trends, security events, and alerts.
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Internet Trends:
1. 28% compound annual growth rate for bandwidth.
2. 50% of application deployments will suffer performance impact due to networking limitations.
3. 3X increase in security attacks year over year.

To keep up with these trends, network visibility and control, predictability, adaptability and a feedback loop based on analytics data is a necessity for a trouble free and secure network.
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See Everything & 

Solve Problems

A strong analytics solution increases both the degree of seeing and the degree of timely action. CommandLink Analytics is purpose-built for focused analytics to identify challenge points and get ahead of potential problems covering SD-Routing, SD-WAN, SD-Security, and SD-locations.
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Harness the power of data with Command|Analytics, offering a comprehensive view of your IT environment.

Dive deep into real-time and historical data, analyze performance, and drive impactful decisions to optimize and elevate your IT infrastructure.
Real-Time Monitoring
Instantly view performance metrics, ensuring you're always aware of the current state of your systems
Historical Data Analysis
Review past performance, identify patterns, and predict future challenges or needs
Customizable Dashboards
Design your analytics view tailored to your preferences, highlighting what matters most to you
Alerts & Notifications
Receive timely updates on any anomalies or deviations, ensuring prompt action
Integration Capabilities
Seamlessly integrate with other CommandLink tools and third-party platforms for a cohesive analytics experience
In-depth Reports
Generate detailed reports for stakeholders, assisting in strategic planning and decision making

Integrate With 

Any Vendor

CommandLink Analytics interoperates with well known performance management applications and 3rd party services with the CommandLink API. The result is carrier-grade, big data analysis for realizing the full value of your network and applications.
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Single Pane of Glass

CommandLink Analytics is a rich real-time big data solution that provides visibility and control, base-lining, correlation, prediction and feedback loop into the CommandLink Platform.



View and filter traffic by application, port, protocol, IP address, and QoS service plane
Custom Visibility
We provide real-time and historical search, reports on usage patterns, trends, security events, and alerts.
Comprehensive Visibility
CommandLink Analytics analyzes huge amounts of data sent from the entire network to present critical data points as actionable analytics and reports.
Versatile Visibility
Our platform is operations-ready and supports standard protocols and log formats, such as Syslog and IPFIX, making it compatible with existing SIEM, monitoring, and reporting systems. CommandLink Analytics is extensible and flexible via the Command|API and professional services.



The comprehensive and native capabilities of CommandLink's analytics reduces costs and simplifies deployments and data analysis by reducing the dependency on 3rd party data analytics platforms like Solar Winds and others.

Unlock the full potential of your data

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