Remote Reboot PDUs: Ensuring Network Uptime

Empower Your Infrastructure with Cutting-Edge Remote Reboot PDUs: Ensuring Reliability, Efficiency, and Uninterrupted Connectivity
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Empower Your

Network Management

Reduce downtime with Power|Link, providing instant remote power management to an entire rack-mounted system. The Power|Link hardware provides power management to each power connection as a group or individually, enabling you to instantly restore power to connected devices without the need for physical access.



Power|Link is directly integrated into the Command|Link ITSM, enabling real-time status updates, remote power resets by your Command|POD, and power draw stats for each individual power port.

Enterprise PDU Capabilities:

16 Outlets
4 USB-C Ports
1.3” LCM Touchscreen
Rack Mountable

Power Automation =

Business Continuity

Benefit from automatic reboots triggered by equipment unresponsiveness or other failure scenarios facilitated by a robust scripting language.



Leverage Command|Link's 5,000+ certified technicians across 120+ countries to quickly and effortlessly deploy your managed PDU anywhere in the world.

Efficiency and Control:

Optimize Operations
Power|Link uses advanced AI technology to mitigate and address issues instantly, reducing slow manual intervention.
Cost Optimization
Power|Link saves money by eliminating the need for on-site technicians to physically reset equipment.
Unparalleled Visibility
Get real-time visibility of your power ports and power consumption directly from your Command|Link ITSM.
Manage and control a larger number of devices efficiently without the need for complex manual intervention.



Have peace of mind with Power|Link's comprehensive security measures. Your data remains secure through encryption at rest and in transit, bolstered by a private cellular connection for extra protection. We ensure your network's safety through two-factor portal authentication and extensive testing in collaboration with ethical hacking firms.

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