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Strategy + Enablement

Digital transformation is a business technology arms race. We empower your business with proven next generation strategy, infrastructure services and support linking all your applications, data and users.

Unifed Communications

One phone system for all of your communication needs delivered as a service from our active-active geo-redundant always on voice network. Collaboration, calling, text, chat, presence and 1000+ features.

SD Network + Security

We design, build and manage Software-Defined multi-path secure networks. Fluidly integrate your MPLS network into a SD-WAN strategy (Hybrid-Networking) or migrate to SD-WAN entirely. Multi-WAN and application intelligent routing will improve your uptime and maximize performance.

Complete Visibility

We are a software company at the core. The CommandLink cloud management and productivity SaaS platform encompasses everything from networking, circuit inventory, to security and voice support into a single pane of glass.

Unified Communications as a Service

Cloud Phone System | Call | Text | Collaborate

Communications are your link to your employees, partners and most importantly customers. Our UCaaS|Link cloud phone system is a collaborative powerhouse. Our cloud becomes your complete phone system offering over 1000 calling features, conferencing and screen sharing, text, chat, presence and app integrations. Your HD calling will be crystal clear leveraging our Software-Defined quality of service directly to our application cloud.

  • Chat
  • User Presence
  • Screen Sharing
  • Conference Bridge
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Application Integrations
  • Multiple Device
  • Auto Attendants
  • Included Domestic Calling

Software Defined Networking

Application QoS | Agile | Secure | Multi-WAN

Easily integrate into your existing network or have us develop a custom migration plan leaving your legacy IPSEC, MPLS or layer 2 private network in the dust. SDWAN is the core foundation of every next generation company's digital transformation strategy.

SDWAN is the logical infrastructure that provides always on connectivity to your applications, data centers, customers and the cloud.
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Managed Internet Access

Single vendor broadband and Ethernet connectivity

Our network is connected to all major and secondary network backbones. We connect all of your locations with multiple connectivity options to empower your SDWAN strategy. Whether you have 10,000 locations or 1 we can provide access are each location, a higher level of support and a single bill.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Fiber, cable & Wireless

Software Defined Security

Software defined next generation firewall with unified threat management for your network. Offered as a stand-alone service or integrated directly into your SDWAN architecture, SD-security ensures your sensitive client and continuity are protected.

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The Hype on CommandLink.

We understand application intelligent multi-WAN routing and communications like no other.

100% Uptime Voice Network

Proven Leadership

SD-WAN Nationwide Network

3 Step Migrations.

Moving your phone system or integrating SD-WAN into your network is easy with CommandLink.



Our design engineers work with you to understand and map your current network, voice and application environment. We then provide you with design and implementation strategy around software defined networking, security and voice applications. Our designs and services can seamlessly integrate with your existing MPLS network, enhancing application performance, overall bandwidth and reaching near 100% uptime. Alternatively, we can provide a complete migration path from a legacy private network to a SD-WAN edge for any or all of your locations.



Strategy + action equals execution. We transform your network and communications design into a customized migration and deployment process. Your implementation is guided by a specialized CommandLink team including a certified project manager, relationship manager and a dedicated deployment engineer.


Unreal Support

No frustrating call center support and endless escalations here. Instead, we assign you to a dedicated engineering POD. Each Command|POD is a team of engineers with a variety of skills in voice, routing, security and application support. Each time you need assistance you are priority routed to your POD and assigned to an engineer based their experience working with your network, tech specialty and availability. Our team becomes an extension of yours.

Why Choose CommandLink

The right strategy | Service | Deployment | Support | Visiblity

100% Uptime SLA Voice Network

Our cloud phone system is more than a power-house of features and collaboration tools. It's true mission-critical business technology.

SDWAN Like no other

Our network is Application Intelligent and provides amazing quality of service for critical applications across multiple upstream connections. Any integration challenge and we have the solution to ensure your applications and users stay connected with blazing performance to maximize productivity.

Application Quality of Service

Replace legacy technologies like MPLS easily while maintaining quality of service.

experienced team you can leverage

Our team has deployed 10,000+ multi-wan and voice locations. Founded 2012.

support that's part of your company

No call center minions at CommandLink. You work with a dedicated POD of real engineers on a 1:1 dedicated basis. More intelligent and experienced help that truly functions as part of your IT team.

complete visiblity

As a software company, we are passionate about solving customer challenges through development. CommandLink SaaS provides all the visibility, control and productivity tools you need to see and do more with your voice and network infrastructure.

Technology Partners

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