About CommandLink

CommandLink delivers superior software defined network and communication infrastructure solutions by leveraging our proprietary software platform.
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Who we are

As both a software developer and a standalone partner for all of your network, communication and security needs, we are in a unique position to enable your core infrastructure to be the most transformational element of your business.

Why we care

We believe the technology problems facing businesses today cannot be solved by aligning the right vendors; in fact, the vendor sprawl IT departments face is one of the underlying sources of IT headaches and disruptions.

What we do

By consolidating your core infrastructure in a single vendor and layering on a proprietary single pane of glass software to enable these technologies to work properly, IT departments not only recover thousands of work hours, but a solution that will enable businesses to leverage technology as a profit center rather than a cost center.

Our Core Values

Our mission
We strive to eliminate technology headaches other vendors create
Our vision
We believe software is the answer to IT's biggest headaches
Our value
We never want businesses to suffer from inferior services ever again
Our culture
Our unique ability to help businesses, inspires us to love what we do

Leadership Team

A team experienced in growing fortune 500 and venture growth companies.
Jason R Ness
Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Kenney
Chief Financial Officer
Mason Miles
EVP of Sales
Gerald Sherill
Chief Operating Officer
Keith Grey
Chief Software Architect
Wendy West
Nick Madsen
Vice President 
of Sales
Kelly Hoyle
Vice President of 
Customer Success
Justin Chugg
Vice President 
of Marketing

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Single source platform to design, deploy and manage internet access, SD-WAN, SASE, security, cloud phone systems, & collaboration services in one unified SaaS platform.
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