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SD-WAN Platform

The CommandLink SD-WAN uses a centralized control function to securely and intelligently connect. The unique design increases application performance and delivers a high-quality user experience, which increases business productivity, agility, and reduces IT spend.
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The CommandLink SD-WAN offers superior network performance by virtualizing the WAN at the edge using our powerful proprietary logic that goes beyond the limitations of MPLS, VPN, and dynamic routing. The outcome delivers seamless multi-wan connectivity for all of your locations, integrating best in class security, vastly improved cloud application performance, and eliminating downtime.
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Five Ways to Transform Your Network With SD-WAN:

Network All Locations Seamlessly & Securely

Eliminate Downtime With Real-Time WAN Fail-Over

Increase Bandwidth With Multiple Connections

Maximize Cloud SaaS & Application Performance

Integrated Security & Unified Threat Management

Seamless Real-Time


Everything that you need to focus on your business’ core applications is housed under one roof.
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Single Source Partner

Eliminate reactive support & broken processes. Our work-flow unifies support from monitoring of services, to alerting, to directly creating auto-support cases, assignment to Command|POD support tier-3 engineers and unifying everything into ONE CLOUD APP.
Design and Deploy
• Expert Design Services Integrate Into Any Existing Network and Can Migrate Any Network
• Professional Project Management Plans
• PM Software Tracking
• On-Site Technicians
• Global Hardware Fulfillment and Configurations
• SD-WAN Services
• Cloud Voice & Collaboration Services
• MPLS & Internet Circuits Customer Provided/CommandLink Managed
• MPLS & Internet Circuits
• Custom Alert Groups
• Email Alerting
• Variable Triggers
• Customer Control
• Real-Time Routing Changes
Auto-Support Cases
• Problem Events Trigger Auto-Support Cases (Example: Down Circuit)
• Support Cases are Auto-Created
• Support Cases are Auto-Assigned to Your Dedicated Command|POD
Command|POD Support
• Each Customer is Assigned to a Dedicated Tier-3 Engineering POD
• 1:1 Case Ownership by Tier-3 Engineers
• Cases Assigned to Engineers Based on Skills, Availability & Direct Experience With Your Network
• Over-Communication & Expert Help
• Complete Transparency & Visibility

Global SD-WAN Network

The only way to successfully deploy global SD-WAN
Global Hardware Fulfillment
Same/next business day hardware replacement SLA
Global Tier-3 Support
Fully automated support systems, custom workflows, and 24/7 proactive tier-3 support.
Global Field Technicians
5,000+ field technicians in 120+ countries
4k+ Global Tier-1 Vendors
We don't use intermediaries like our competitors
Global POPs/SWGs
Available middle mile routing between continents
Global Currencies
Pay and receive bills for every major currency



Thanks to a native UTM/NGFW integration, every location has direct access to the internet, avoiding unnecessary high latency traffic through carrier gateways. This unique architecture is what enables us to deliver the industry's highest application performance.
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Real-Time Traffic Optimization
CommandLink’s unique SD-WAN algorithm prioritizes critical applications and steers traffic in real-time by leveraging the optimal best path based on performance monitoring and best path decisions at sub-second & real-time

Non-Stop Performance
CommandLink SD-WAN customers benefit by ensuring their applications are always performing and accessible. The Command|SLA provides customers with an unprecedented uptime.

CommandLink has partnered with the leading Gartner technology partners and fully integrated Cato, Fortinet, and Versa Network solutions into CommandLink's proprietary ITSM platform.

You Choose

Our software makes all of the below possible:
Managed SD-WAN:
Businesses are recognizing the value of managed IT by offloading SD-WAN responsibilities and minimizing overhead simultaneously.

Co-Managed SD-WAN:
Relieve your IT department from time-consuming administrative tasks, while still having the ability to make changes to policies and configurations when necessary.

Self-Managed SD-WAN:
Leverage the CommandLInk's proprietary SD-WAN management system to enable your team to configure and manage your entire SD-WAN network with ease.

SD Big Data 

Made Simple

CommandLink analytics provides real-time and historical visibility, baselining, correlation, prediction and closed-loop feedback.
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CommandLink provides a comprehensive suite of security solutions for SD-WAN including stateful and next-gen firewalls, malware protection, URL and content filtering, IPS and anti-virus software, DDoS and VPN/next-gen VPN protection, completely native to the platform.
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Secure Networking for All Locations

Network and security policies plus traffic steering based on user, device, location and application context: 
From Full-Mesh to any site-to-site routing for all locations & the cloud.
Integrated next-gen firewall & unified threat management
Fully encrypted network with endless routing options



Our carrier-grade architecture utilizes a mix of CommandLink data centers, network POPS, nationwide network, and CommandLink's virtualized on-site hardware. All elements are unified into the proprietary Command|Link software platform providing you with complete visibility and expansive analytics.

Quick and Easy Deployments

Enjoy the benefits of automated deployments for fast scalable on-site installations
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30X the Bandwidth

Unprecedented Uptime SLA

CommandLink's SD-WAN virtualizes all connections into one network and routes your traffic over multiple available connections (MPLS, fiber, broadband, & wireless connectivity) based on performance and priority delivering Quality of Service at the application level.
Add Up to 8 ISPs Per Location
Integrate and Manage Every ISP in a Single Software Platform
Easily Order New Circuits Instantly From the ISP Procurement Software Platform



Don't worry about changing out your existing equipment, we can work with your existing infrastructure.



Don't worry about flying your techs to remote locations, we have local technicians across the globe who can handle anything.
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Easy Site 


Every deployment is easier with CommandLink's SD-WAN thanks to automated deployments with zero-touch provisioning.

Cloud Enabled

Enjoy direct and easy access to the cloud ecosystem with unprecedented uptime
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Rather than measuring total bandwidth used, CommandLink calculates the average bandwidth used, in Kbps, for each 5-minute interval.



Get superior results from your network and applications with the help of our certified design engineers.
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Elastic Bandwidth

Aggregate multiple circuits with SD intelligent
application-aware per-packet link steering
and real-time best path selection / fail-over to
realize amazing performance.
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