Global Managed Detection and Response

Command|MDR unifies superior XDR technology, multi‑signal threat intelligence, and a 24/7 dedicated security POD to easily deploy, manage, and scale predictable security solutions for your organization.
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Eliminate Chaos

From Your Business

CommandLink is the only MDR solution that both simplifies and improves your security posture at the same time.

Only Command|Link consolidates your network, voice, and security management into a single-pane-0f-glass ITSM, eliminating your vendor sprawl forever.

MDR Powered By

Enterprise XDR

Along side your entire technology stack, the Command|XDR ITSM cloud platform provides real-time  24/7 access to network, cloud, log, endpoint and identity signals.

Dedicated SOC Cyber Analysts (POD)

Command|Link is the only organization providing a dedicated group (POD) of cyber analysts that truly understand your business. The POD support model provides consistent outcomes with faster response times. Your security POD works around the clock 24x7x365 leveraging AI and ML to identify and respond to cyber threats quickly and effectively. The team monitors SIEM alerts to help you quickly determine if they are active threats.

Events Monitored:

Security Information and Event Management
Ingestion of Existing IT and Security Systems
Lightweight Software Agent
Agentless SYSLOG Ingestion
Misconfigurations and Security Posture
Correlate Asset Policies With Benchmarks
Asset Discovery
Internal and External Network Scanning
Application Vulnerability Scanning
Cloud Ingestion (M365, Salesforce, AWS, Azure, Google)
Network Traffic Analysis
Detection of DDoS
Alerts and Events Prioritized
Real-Time Threat and Event Dashboards
Identify Risky User Behavior
Alert Criticality Assignment
Correlation Across Multiple Data Sources
Dedicated SOC Analyst POD
Threat Hunting by Experienced SOC Analysts
Live 24x7x365 SOC Analyst Review and Containment Support



Leverage the world's most sophisticated cyber analysts to enable your team to identify and eliminate any threat you face.

MDR Implementation

Command|Link will leverage our vast team of security experts to help ensure your MDR solution is implemented smoothly and effectively.
1. Planning
The first step in deploying your MDR solution will begin with an onboarding meeting with your dedicated Command|Link project manager. Your dedicated Command|Link security POD will help outline the implementation process for your project manager who will ensure everything stays on track using Command|Link's proprietary project management system.
2. Deployment
Your Command|Link security POD will begin by deploying an initial test batch of small software agents to monitor your assets. Once the security agents have been deployed and working as intended, additional batches of users and assets will be deployed based on the pre-determined schedule. There are three deployment options: remote monitoring and management, group policy object deployments, or a manual deployment via a dedicated screen share time with each member.
3. Environment Tuning
Once the team finalizes the deployment of the security agents, the security POD will observe the data to learn patterns and ensure alert information is optimized by eliminating false positives (noise). Noise is defined as alerts that generate too frequently due to conditions inside the environment. The team will tweak these alerts to increase their efficacy while reducing their frequency. There is no set timeline for tuning as each environment is unique. We target 2-3 weeks but in some instances, it could be longer.
4. Active Monitoring
As the POD team monitors your environment, a real-time and monthly report is prepared and delivered to the customer showcasing the previous month’s alerts and findings along with confirmation that the company's security posture is secure.

Proactive Protection

With Elite Hunting

Your dedicated security POD will proactively hunt using the SIEM platform 24x7x365 searching for malicious activity that has evaded traditional security defenses.

Your security POD uses a variety of techniques, including data analysis, threat intelligence, and their own intuition, to identify and investigate suspicious activity.

Threat Level Strategy

Command|MDR prioritizes threats based on their potential impact on your organization, reducing the time it takes your dedicated SOC analysts to process, investigate, and mitigate them. While ALL alerts are still reviewed, this prioritization approach allows analysts to focus on the most important threats first.
Level 1: Active Threat
Malicious actors have already established themselves in your environment
Level 2: Imminent Threat
High-alert condition that exists just before a malicious actor gains access to your environment
Level 3: Interesting Items
The remaining alerts are interesting items to note, but they do not rise to the level of an "Active" or "Imminent" threat

Benefits of Threat Hunting:

By proactively searching for threats, Command|Link reduces the risk of being compromised and improve your overall security posture.
Faster Responses:
Threat hunting enables you to detect and respond to threats more quickly, reducing potential damage caused by an attack.
Better Security
Threat hunting also identifies and addresses security weaknesses that may be exploited by attackers.
Superior Visibility
Threat hunting provides a better understanding of your security posture and threats.

Real-Time Security

Operations Center

The Command|SOC is a 24x7x365 security operations center staffed directly by CommandLink employees (no more inexperienced call center support from another continent). Your security POD analysts are all highly experienced and trained security analysts and engineers.

Faster Response Times

As threats arise, speed is crucial to mitigating threats. Thanks to a team of internal experts who know security and your business, threats are addressed faster and more effectively.
Thanks to our meticulous onboarding process, Command|Link avoids false positives and addresses accurate and efficient alerts of malicious activity quickly and efficiently.
24/7 Fast Responses
With notifications within 5 minutes of detection and security analysts engaging within 15 minutes, you will be more likely to defend against malicious threats in a timely manner.

What To Expect:

Five Minutes
A case will be opened and alert sent within 5 minutes of a threat being detected. When the threat can be contained using automation, the system will instantly isolate or block the threat actor. In either case you will be notified within the first five minutes.
Fifteen Minutes
For high-level alerts, your security POD will address the issue using the ORIENT framework within 15 minutes. Upon engagement, the security analyst will provide updates every 15 minutes and or engage in a real-time conversation to work together on the threat.
Upon containment, the analyst will assist in the forensic investigation and future safeguarding.

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