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Call Data

How much do you know about your calls in your business? Are your sales people making enough outbound prospect calls? Do you have enough staff to answer support calls? What call activities do your top reps do? Can you stack your sales team performance based on call activity?

The list goes on. We have built a cloud application to take massive amounts of call data and transform it into powerful tools you can use to improve your business.

Call Analytics Helps You Make Better Business Decisions FASTER


Pre-built + Custom Call Analytics Dashboards to summarize calling trends and user activity.
Wallboard Displays
Near realtime displays to share team calling data and key KPIs for easy visibility.
Stack Rankings
Rank users or groups for top performance in near realtime in an easy wallboard format.
Compare queues, users or teams to evaluate trends and performance.
See detailed tables that highlight KPIs of each employee side by side.
Analyze hunt groups, queues, users or groups to identify trends.
Easy geographic visualiztion to see where your callers are calling from or to.
Quickly select reports, schedule and deliver them to all key stake holders.
Set KPI metrics and fire email alerts when employees or a team exceeds or misses a KPI.

Stack Ranking - 


Quickly compare sales rep KPIs, like unique dials, total calls, call duration, and more to create powerful visuals & understand rep activity.

Even better - “Gamify” sales activity by sharing the teams stack on a wall display. It’s a powerful team motivator to drive goals and create healthy internal competition. 

• Compare Team to Team Performance 
• Compare Rep to Rep Performance



Easily set alerts for groups of users, a individual or multiple individual users. Fire an alert when users or a group reaches a certain call goal or fails to meet a KPI.

• Know when sales people or teams miss goals
• Get quick indications when support teams are overwhelmed with too many calls
• Include reports that help analyze the issue



Take the guess work out of staffing your teams with our easy to use call analytics tools.

Whether you are trying to decide if you need to hire another rep for a support team, understand seasonal trends and staffing or trying to make sure your sales team can handle inbound sales calls we have the tools you need.

• Reviewing historical trends & call spikes
• By teams, queues, locations or users
• Pre-built & custom reports
• Easy to filter KPIs like unique calls & more

Evaluate Employee 


If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. Our user reporting provides you with all of the tools to quickly analyze employee performance.

It’s easy to choose start times or a range of dates and users to look at all of the details of their total, inbound and outbound call metrics.

• Review detailed user metrics & KPIs
• Quickly sort, compare and rank employees

Run Better 


Make it easy to have the data you need for your scheduled meetings.

Staff meetings will never be the same. You can easily summarize any custom or pre-built report to be delivered to all of the team members in your meeting. Great for sales, support and marketing calls.

• Deliver any report at a specific date & time
• Review employee performance & trends
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