Our Commitment to Your Data Security

Protect and manage your data within Command|Link, leveraging our most powerful security and data governance capabilities.
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Trust Center

At the core of our strategy for safeguarding your data, are the pillars of security, compliance, privacy, and reliability. For more than a decade, Command|Link has meticulously constructed a robust and dependable platform, enabling you to accelerate innovation, adapt swiftly, and propel your business to new heights.

Future Proof Security

As a security centric organization, we prioritize the safety and security of all your interactions and data with us to keep you well-prepared for the ever-changing requirements of security, compliance, and governance. Through continuous dedication and financial investment, we have developed the Command|Link platform to address your current and future security and governance requirements.
Simple Scalability
Reduce IT administration overhead with built-in compliance capabilities.
Secure Collaboration
Command|Link automatically applies security and data governance across internal and external communications.
Secure Access
With scalable and granular access controls, it's easy to ensure access and management are always secure.
Data Compliance
Protect your data with essential security practices and capabilities to comply with industry and regulatory standards.

Strategic Security


The Command|Link platform has strategically engineered the bridge between your technology and our MDR to ensure we do not have access or store your personal data while at the same time having the ability to safeguard your organization against attacks.

Data Minimalization

Data Strategy
Command|Link follows a data minimization approach to customer data. It does not automatically ingest data; rather, it uses minimal amounts of data about your organization and personnel. This helps reduce the burden for compliance and security privacy. It reduces the risk of data breaches, improves privacy, and makes complying with frameworks and legislation easier.
What Data Does Command|Link Store?
Command|Link stores customer contacts, location data, and equipment information (most of which is discoverable on the global Internet already). We likewise store any support interactions within the Command|Link platform for historical reference.

We Take Security Seriously

Our primary goal is to furnish you with up-to-date information regarding the security, compliance, privacy, and reliability aspects of our products and services.
Our top priority is ensuring the security of your data. Command|Link has been constructed with fundamental security features, protocols, and protective measures to safeguard your data, empower you with user access control, and offer secure methods for sharing information both within and outside your organization.
Reduce your concerns about compliance and focus more on managing your business effectively. Command|Link provides support for compliance frameworks in various regulated industries and adheres to regulatory standards such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, DOD IL4, and many others.
Command|Link offers a secure and robust service on a large scale, catering to millions of information workers. With 24x7 global support, comprehensive uptime service level agreements, a sturdy infrastructure, and real-time service availability, you can have confidence that the Command|Link platform will be accessible when you require it the most.
At Command|Link, we recognize that your most valuable asset is your data, which is why we are dedicated to transparency, upholding privacy rights, and handling personal data with utmost care and respect.

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