The CommandLink Five-Minute Guide To SWG

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What is 
SWG stands for Secure Web Gateway. It’s a security function that makes sure unsecured internet traffic is unable to get into an organization’s network. It helps companies strike an important balancing act, so that users can enjoy full access to the Internet wherever and whenever they’re working, with a strong user experience, without any significant security threat.
How does 
SWG work?
An SWG combines a number of different protections, which can be calibrated and customized to the particular infrastructure profile and operational demands of an organization. These include filtering of URLs; detection of malicious code; control over cloud applications; protection against intrusion, vulnerabilities and malware; and management of web traffic. The SWG can be deployed in every location where a user might connect to the internet: office and corporate sites, remote offices at home, and even when working in the field.
How can your 
business benefit from SWG?
The importance of an SWG has only been heightened by the continued adoption of cloud technology. With data now distributed across a variety of cloud platforms (both public and private), retaining control and visibility over all data and applications within an organization has become more complex - and more vulnerable to attack from cybercriminals.

An effective SWG, aligned to the security policy of an organization, is therefore vital to ensuring that all cloud-based data and applications are protected, whenever, wherever and however authorized users connect to the Internet. This is especially critical in a climate where remote and flexible work is changing how data and applications are accessed day-to-day.
What are the keys to 
deploying SWG?
How an SWG is deployed should be put in the context of an organization’s cloud migration plans. In particular, they should consider how quickly applications are being migrated and how this affects the size and scale of the network edge. And at a time when web-based traffic remains a prime target for cybercriminals, businesses should identify the biggest external and internal risks to its data and infrastructure, and ensure their SWG vendor can address those risks accordingly.
Why partner with 
CommandLink for SWG?
SWG forms a key part of the subscription-based SASE solution that CommandLink delivers to satisfied business customers just like you. It joins forces with SD-WAN, ZTNA, Cloud Access Security Broker, Firewall-as-a-Service and more to keep your expanding and evolving cloud-first infrastructure safe. This technology comes as part of a monthly service, incorporating all hardware, software, design engineering, project management/deployment and CommandPOD support.

We offer a choice of leading SWG solutions within the CommandLink platform - Versa Secure Web Gateway and FortiGate SWG - so that you can get a model that meets your needs, and fits your data and application profile perfectly.

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