The CommandLink Five-Minute Guide To RBI

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What is 
RBI is Remote Browser Isolation. It’s a relatively new and fairly advanced cybersecurity function that keeps browsing activity separated from endpoint hardware, so that if there is any malicious code lurking within a web page, it is kept away from the device itself and can’t do any harm.
How does 
RBI work?
Basically, imagine viewing a web page through a screenshot where all the links still work. That’s RBI in its most simple terms. Instead of a user accessing and browsing a web page as normal, RBI sends them a like-for-like rendering of what that page looks like, replicated pixel-for-pixel. The page itself still works just as it would if it was sent to the user directly, but the underlying code and any active content (malicious or otherwise) is isolated by the RBI technology.
How can your 
business benefit from RBI?
While awareness of the dangers of Internet browsing is much higher among employees than it once was, they can still be subject to attacks, Trojans or malicious code at any time. This could be because they need to access sites that have potential risks in order to do their job, or because they make simple URL input errors and end up on bad sites by pure accident.

We live in a time when Internet use is prevalent in day-to-day work, businesses have growing estates of data (and particularly sensitive data), and data protection legislation is particularly stringent. This means the consequences of a breach have never been more severe, and so RBi can make a significant difference in minimizing the risk of those breaches occurring.
What are the keys to 
deploying RBI?
Any deployment of RBI should be backed up by a vendor that has deep knowledge and expertise around web-based security. Perhaps even more importantly, they should be able to demonstrate a proactive approach to keeping your data and applications safe. That’s because, in a climate where threats are evolving and growing in sophistication all the time, defending against those threats is a constantly moving target.

A good vendor will never rest on their laurels, and will also take a wider view of your cloud-based security as a whole; it’s therefore important to look for those who can offer RBI as part of a wider package of protections and defenses.
Why partner with 
CommandLink for RBI?
CommandLink’s SASE solution brings leading RBI technology to businesses just like yours, in a comprehensive monthly package from a single vendor and just one point of contact. Along with SD-WAN, ZTNA, Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker and more, we provide a full package of hardware, software, design engineering, project management/deployment and CommandPOD support.

Your employees can browse with confidence thanks to your choice of two highly developed and regularly updated RBI technologies: Versa RBI and FortiIsolator. So whatever pages your employees need to access to get their jobs done, they won’t expose your vital data and applications to risk.

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