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Effortlessly integrate Starlink into your IT infrastructure using CommandLink's proprietary ITSM platform
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Simplify your IT and Starlink integration and management with CommandLink.

Only CommandLink allows you to effortlessly integrate Starlink with a proprietary ITSM platform, enabling superior monitoring, precise alerting, and round-the-clock tier-3 engineering POD support.

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The Superior Starlink Experience

How CommandLink makes buying and deploying Starlink easier:
CommandLink's extensive Starlink equipment inventory ensures seamless and scalable sourcing of Starlink internet for all your connectivity needs.
Professional Deployment
Upon ordering your Starlink equipment and service, we will set up a call to plan and discuss the on-site professional installation by CommandLink.
CommandLink Support
Your organization gets a dedicated 24/7 engineering POD that handles all your support needs and is knowledgeable about your business and solutions.
Starlink Integration
Using the Starlink API, CommandLink will provide complete customization and integration into our proprietary ITSM to enable IT automation and advanced monitoring for your team.

Mounting Options

The mount that comes with your Starlink is designed to support a ground level installation or a quick setup to test your internet connection. Mounts and cable routing accessories are designed for permanent installation in an elevated location, like a roof, pole, or wall.
Long Wall Mount
Best for long roof overhangs. Allows for clearance of overhangs of up to 12”.
Short Wall Mount
Best for shallow roof overhangs. Allows for clearance of overhangs of up to 2”.
Ground Pole Mount
Best for installations where traditional roof or wall mounting is not possible. Designed for in-ground installation. Allows up to 50” of clearance from the ground to avoid low obstructions.
Pipe Adapter Mount
Best for installations where traditional roof or wall mounting is not possible. Flexible with a wide variety of mount systems. Designed to attach to any existing pole with a max diameter of 2.5” (64 mm).
Flat High Performance Pipe Adapter
Designed to attach to any pole with a max diameter of 2.4" (62 mm). Slide adapter over the top of the existing pole, fasten provided screws, and drop Starlink in. Requires Wedge Mount Kit that comes with Flat High Performance Starlink.
Pivot Mount
Designed for installation on slanted roofs to ensure a vertical install. Best for shingled roofing. Not recommended for tile, slate, and clay roofing.
Flashing Mount
Requires additional purchase of Pivot Mount. Designed for water-tight protection when installing Starlink on shingles or metal and provides storage for extra cable.
Ridgeline Mount
Designed for most rooftops (roof ridgelines) and any flat surface, no drilling required. Ballast weight included with order and shipped separately.

Starlink Equipment Placement

Your Starlink needs a clear view of the sky so it can stay connected with satellites as they move overhead. Objects that obstruct the connection between your Starlink and the satellite, such as a tree branch, pole, or roof, will cause intermittent outages and dropped packets.

Why Starlink

With CommandLink?

Step into the future of IT service management with our innovative platform.

As the only provider integrating over 5,000+ ISPs, SD-WAN, SASE, Cloud Phone Systems, Managed Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, and Starlink, CommandLink offers a truly cohesive and efficient IT experience.

CommandLink not only makes it easier to integrate Starlink into a cohesive IT management platform, but you also enjoy direct access to the Starlink API, IT automation, and 24/7 dedicated tier-3 engineering POD.

Eliminate Your Vendor Sprawl With CommandLink

ONE platform to manage your SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, firewalls, MPLS, network, switches, IP phones, installs, trouble tickets, bills, and network performance across the entire globe
Global Network Aggregation
Voice (UCaaS/CCaaS)
24/7 Tier-3 Support
ITSM Platform
IT Asset Management

Starlink IP Addresses

Everything you need to know about Starlink's approach to IP addresses.
Public IPs
- All CommandLink Starlink customers will have Public IP configuration enabled.
- This is a DHCP provided public IPv4 address.
Static IPs
- Starlink does not provide static IP addresses.
- The network is dynamic; IP addresses may change for resilience, capacity increases, or new country additions.
- For IPsec VPNs, configure a "dynamic peer" for the Starlink-connected device.
IP Allocation
- Starlink is IPv6 native network. IPv6 is supported on all Starlink routers.                                   
- Each Starlink is allocated one IPv4 address and one /56 IPv6 prefix.
- IPv6 addresses are assigned to all network clients if the router supports IPv6.
- SLAAC/DHCPv6-PD is used for IPv6, DHCP is used for IPv4.
Starlink IP Address Reservation
- Public IP addresses are bound to the Starlink device for 24 hours regardless of the DHCP lease time. This ensures that if the Starlink device is rebooted or disconnected for less than 24 hours, the IP address will not change.
- Additionally, if the Starlink device is offline for greater than 24 hours the IP address will remain associated to the Starlink device but becomes a candidate for reassignment if there are no other IPs available in the it the Starlink IP pool.
Standard Security
- Outbound ports TCP/25 (SMTP) and TCP/445 (SMB) are blocked.
- Public IPs will have starlink reverse DNS, and there is no options to customize that. It is not intended to be used as a mail server.
Mobile Users
- IPs may change with location movements, causing brief outages when the IP needs to change.
- Starlink uses multiple routers globally to ensure the lowest latency connection.

Starlink Monitoring

And Alerting

Build a fully integrated custom alert policy for your entire tech stack with granular workflows based on time of day, user, location, service, and more.

CommandLink's integrated monitoring and alerting system seamlessly manages Starlink services, providing real-time oversight and instant support escalation. Our unified platform ensures every alert is addressed promptly by our expert engineers.

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