Integrate the Power of CommandLink into ServiceNow

Simple and easy bidirectional ServiceNow data synchronization with the CommandLink platform
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Workforce Optimization

Eliminate unnecessary window toggling and manual processes using CommandLink's strategic ServiceNow integration.

How We Integrate:

Centralized Ticket Management
The CommandLink API supports two-way ticket synchronization, providing seamless real-time ticket creation and updates.
Circuit Inventory
Synchronize key circuit data points from CommandLink like IPs, Circuit IDs, DMARC location, bandwidth, and circuit specs.
Maintain real-time insights of your SD-WAN and security infrastructure, including hardware inventory, serial numbers, CPU, and hardware memory.
Billing and Invoicing
Get detailed billing insights fed directly into your platform of choice.
Monitoring and Alerting Reporting
Visualize and integrate service performance, alerts, and custom analytics from CommandLink side by side with other key performance metrics in your platform of choice.

Real-Time Bidirectional Integration



Autocase: When an autocase is triggered within CommandLink, a corresponding incident is dynamically generated in ServiceNow.

Manual: Users who create cases within the CommandLink platform are automatically added and synchronized with ServiceNow.


Authentication to ServiceNow
- ServiceNow REST OAuth 2.0 API (No individual user login required)
- Ideal for scenarios where you have a trusted application that doesn't require user-specific permissions
How to Obtain a ServiceNow API Token:
1. Create an OAuth Application in ServiceNow with application type set to Grant Credentials.
2. Obtain an access token by calling the ServiceNow token endpoint using the client credentials.
3. For all API requests, use the access token in the authorization header.
4. Note – the token may have an expiration, so a refresh may be required periodically.
5. The customer-specific instance of ServiceNow should allow for client credential grant types.



- The CommandLink integration enables ServiceNow to automate the process of handling issues, tasks, and projects natively.

- This API enables you to create, read, update, and delete tickets, providing a robust solution for efficient ticket management.

- Whether you are tracking bugs, features, or other work items, our API offers a flexible and intuitive interface.



- Manage your CommandLink services like networking and voice directly within ServiceNow.

- Access IP addresses, domains, service IDs, types, locations, device IDs, and device links.



- Manage geographic information within CommandLink directly from ServiceNow.

- Users can retrieve, create, and update details of a specific location.

- This integration ensures efficient handling of location-related data, supporting precise mapping and streamlined integration.

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