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SD-WAN ROI Calculator
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SD-WAN Soft Savings:

MPLS by nature is hardware intensive. MPLS uses hardware to establish secure connections. SD-WAN will reduce your hardware footprint, reducing electric costs.
Business Continuity
Not only does SD-WAN have a faster recovery time compared to MPLS, it has proven to be more reliable thanks to your ability to incorporate up to eight unique internet circuits.
MPLS network is only protected at the perimeter. If someone gains access to a local network, there is no protection because MPLS is unencrypted. MPLS is also aggregated across large layer 3 switches, if an MPLS provider misconfigures the network, packets can end up on the wrong route.
By providing direct streamlined access to cloud applications, users can access data faster.
SD-WAN can be installed as an overlay on top of your existing routers and other network infrastructure and does not require the installation of expensive servers and hardware at new locations.
MPLS configurations are done at each site by hand. The CommandLink ITSM streamlines this process within a cloud-based provisioning, policy control, application visibility, and management platform.
MPLS has limited visibility into the data it manages where SD-WAN has a much more granular level of visibility, enabling better application performance.
Thanks to superior bandwidth throughput, real-time routing decisions, granular application prioritization controls, and direct access to cloud applications, SD-WAN significantly improves the user's application experience.
IT Support
SD-WAN reduces technical support by improving application performance, reducing downtime, and eliminating tedious individual router configurations through a centralized management platform.

How is CommandLink Different?

Proprietary ITSM
ONE platform to manage your SD-WAN, UCaaS, CaaS, firewalls, MPLS, network, switches, IP phones, installs, trouble tickets, bills, and network performance across the entire globe.
Support Automation
Eliminate reactive support & broken processes. Our work-flow unifies support from monitoring of services, to alerting, to directly creating auto-support cases, assignment to Command|POD support tier-3 engineers and unifying everything into ONE CLOUD APP.
Global Scope
Global Same/next business day hardware replacement, 5,000+ field technicians in 120+ countries, pay and receive bills for every major currency

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