SD-WAN Analytics

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Data Logging Framework

Highly scalable, reliable, optimized, policy-driven data logging framework for all services
Multiple transports
Multiple log formats – IPFIX, syslog
Streaming of logs to one or more 3rd party collectors

Security Reports

Firewall reports per tenant: top rules, zones, source, destination by IP/domain name/geo location, ports, protocols, session duration, QoS, DDoS and Flood detection
Application reports: top L7 applications by risk, productivity, family and sub-families based on sessions, volume and throughput
Web traffic reports: top web traffic by URL categories and reputation
Threat profile reports: URL filtering and captive portal actions, IDS/IPS, anti-virus, SSL certificate anomalies, etc.
Forensics: packet capture for known/unknown applications and detected vulnerabilities

Reports & Analytics

Real & historical time series log event reporting for various SD-WAN Functions
Traffic usage/protocol anomaly detection through trend lines and confidence band
Prediction-based on extrapolation of trending data
Ad-hoc and scheduled reports
Predefined and custom report templates
Report export formats: csv, pdf, xls, email notification


Multi-column search with drilldown
Generic and custom queries
Correlation searches


Support of anomaly detection in traffic pattern/usage
Support for custom applications to detect anomalies and take actions (send traps, program policies, etc.)


Dashboard views for SD-WAN, security, vCPE functionality per tenant, per Customer VNF (Virtual Network Functions)
Visualization using charts, real-time views, maps, grids
Drilldown support to analyze data instantly for a given time range, detect trends and anomalies
Automatic data enrichment
Flexible reporting framework

Network Reports

Traffic reports per site: availability, bandwidth usage per access circuit, bandwidth usage per application, latency/loss, QoS per access circuit
Multi-site reports: connectivity, bandwidth usage and SLA metrics between sites
CGNAT reports: NAT events, pool utilization etc.


Role-based access control + Command|API Access
Historical log archival and cleanup
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