ForgeOS Builds Strategic Alliance with CommandLink

CommandLink and ForgeOS will work together to help clients and partners seamlessly scale their technology solutions by combining the expertise and software capabilities of both organizations.
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Bothell, Washington, October 15, 2023 – Command|Link, the first and only solution provider to seamlessly integrate voice, data, and security into a proprietary ITSM platform and network, announced its new partnership with ForgeOS, the first Operating System designed to solve the specific problems of the telecom industry. The new relationship will enable ForgeOS' clients and partners to combine the benefits of the ForgeOS platform and CommandLink's proprietary ITSM.
CommandLink has serviced many of the largest corporations in the world spanning hundreds of thousands of users and locations since 2012. Command|Link was purpose built to address and solve the problems the technology industry is notorious for. Command|Link originally began as a software developer and uses this unique pedigree to tackle our client's biggest challenges. Command|Link's proprietary ITSM platform seamlessly integrates all aspects of the technology stack, scaling IT management and resources.
"We couldn't be more excited about the partnership with ForgeOS," said Mason Miles, EVP of Sales for Command|Link. "We are passionate about helping businesses leverage Command|Link to lift the complex labor intensive burden of working with digital dinosaurs. What we love most about the partnership with ForgeOS is the fact that we both have the same exact DNA, building platforms to solve technology headaches."
"The unique value of ForgeOS' client platform combined with Command|Link's proprietary ITSM will enable both organizations to enjoy explosive growth," said Mike Sickle, Chief Revenue Officerat ForgeOS. "Our shared values and focus on enterprise clients are perfectly aligned. Our partnership and success were inevitable from the beginning."
To learn more about how CommandLink works with ForgeOS, please contact ForgeOS or CommandLink directly.
About CommandLink
CommandLink is the first and only solution provider to seamlessly integrate voice, data, and security into a proprietary ITSM platform and network. Recognized as the leader in technology infrastructure scalability and dependability, CommandLink has built the technology platform enterprises depend on to scale their organizations. CommandLink boasts the most integrated voice, data, and security network, enabling seamless and secure global access coupled with our proprietary ITSM. Thanks to our industry leading SLAs on both voice and data, CommandLink clients never have to worry about downtime. When needs do arise, CommandLink clients have direct access to tier 3 POD support 24/7. To learn more about CommandLink, please visit:

About ForgeOS
Our focus is to keep things simple and save you money, but all the automation in the world won’t help you if you lack the bandwidth to implement your strategies. ForgeOS delivers an intentional balance of easy automation with some pretty big brains, so you get the kind of help that you need, just when you need it. To learn more about ForgeOS, please visit:

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