Customer Satisfaction Software

The Command|Link Customer Satisfaction Software enables companies to incorporate product and/or service surveys into their buyer journey and analyze and share real-time feedback.



Surveys and feedback can be sent/tracked via email, SMS, and voice calls.

By using the CSAT feature, organizations can assess how customers perceive the overall customer experience with their products and services.

Key Features

Custom Survey Intervals
Simulation of an Actual Survey to Test Accounts
Customizable Categories/Templates
Automated Survey Triggers
Multiple Surveys for Different Products and Services can be Executed in Parallel

Survey Scales

Rating Scales
Most common rating scales are: 1-10; 1-7; 1-5 (or Likert scale)
There is more variance in larger scales. 
A Likert Scale (1-5) question provides customers with options for their response from one extreme to another (i.e., satisfied to unsatisfied) with or without a neutral response. Likert scale is the most common survey scale. 
Dichotomous Scales (yes/no) 
These provide the quickest response to any survey question. By asking a simple yes/no, end user intent can be gauged.
Yes/no can be done using smiley face/unhappy face or thumbs up/thumbs down or a simple yes/no 

Customizable Templates

Graphical Scale
Numerical Scale
Embedded Links



Automated surveys can be triggered based on events or with the press of a button.

Business Automation

Build automated email templates for conducting the surveys at configurable intervals and randomized group of end-users
Customizable rating scale for scoring
Email delivery – trigger email after closed case
Single click email i.e. embedded, no links to external pages for survey (CSAT) (smiley faces)

Enable Customer


Enable customers to make informed decisions about their products and services using analytics from the CSAT scores

Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards help customer to view CSAT scores segmented by product or service on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
Using 24 months of historical data a customer can compare product/service improvements or take further action as needed.
Real time dashboards with CSAT scores on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
Ability to export data in various (CSV, PDF, PPT, XLS)

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