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CommandLink|Pro is the only platform built to solve rather than add to your IT headaches. Gain clarity and control of your IT operations with our unified approach to managing IT.
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To IT Chaos

Have you ever felt swamped managing countless IT vendors? 

CommandLink transforms that chaos. We are the only platform built to simplify your IT, enhance security, and streamline operations.
Before CommandLink:
You’re dealing with fragmented IT solutions, numerous vendors, outages, support problems, and broken processes. Managing everything efficiently feels like a constant uphill battle for IT.
After CommandLink:
You gain clarity and control in your IT operations. Our integrated platform allows you to streamline processes and ensure top-tier security, giving you a cohesive view of your systems.

About CommandLink:

CommandLink is the #1 Global Platform designed to simplify your IT Stack.

CommandLink is the premier Global Platform dedicated to decluttering your IT Stack.

By targeting and eliminating IT vendor sprawl, we efficiently streamline vendor support, structure service data, and optimize IT workflows.

Why CommandLink?

CommandLink goes beyond being just another tool. CommandLink is purpose-built to turn your IT challenges into strategic assets.

There is a Better Way to Manage IT

Painful IT is Optional
Trying to manage dozens of IT vendors and services is a real pain.
There is a Solution
CommandLink declutters your vendor partnerships and unifies your technology stack under one user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems.
You're in Good Company
Over a thousand enterprises worldwide are already relying on CommandLink to run their critical IT

IT Services Unified in One ITSM Software Platform

Experience the future of IT service management with our groundbreaking platform. As the only service provider globally to offer such an extensive integration, we proudly present a solution that brings together over 4,200 different ISPs, SD-WAN, SASE, Cloud Phone Systems, Managed Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, and more.

These are seamlessly unified directly into our ITSM platform, offering an unmatched synergy—no more juggling between multiple vendors or grappling with disjointed technology. Our platform gives you a unified, streamlined, and efficient approach to managing your IT services.
Unified Service and Asset Management
Connect IT components with their associated assets for a comprehensive view
Contract Management
Efficiently manage and track contracts related to IT services and expenses, ensuring adherence and transparency
Comprehensive IT Tracking
Monitor IT services, hardware, assets, contracts, and more in real-time
Document Management
Store, retrieve, and manage essential documents with ease
Network Oversight
Keep tabs on MAC addresses, IP addresses, and other network configurations
Configuration Logging
Record and review configuration changes to ensure system integrity
User-Centric Approach
Align all IT components with specific users and locations for tailored management
Project and Ticket Integration
Organize and prioritize IT projects and support tickets effectively
IT Automation
Build a custom alert policy for your entire tech stack with granular workflows based on time of day, user, location, and service
Project Management
CommandLink's Project Management system is a powerful tool designed for in-depth oversight and streamlined execution of projects.

It offers an interface rich with features that enable users to handle every facet, from installations to activations and beyond adeptly.
Project Cases
Seamlessly track essential project components such as installations, activations, shipping,
turn-ups, and onsite dispatches
Table & Agile Views
Provides intuitive views for monitoring project statuses and real-time workflows
Global Service Monitoring
Get a visual representation of services on a global map, enhanced by integrated
monitoring for superior oversight
Integrated Professional Management
Employ embedded professional project manager tools that guide projects to their successful completion, minimizing risks
Customizable Checklists
Modify project checklists to fit specific accounts, services, locations, and users,
ensuring alignment with individual project needs
Complete Task Management
A comprehensive task management system to meticulously track and correlate tasks within projects
Multichannel Communication History
Access a full communication record, including voice, email, SMS,
and chat for seamless information retrieval
Custom Dashboards with Live Queues
Users can craft custom dashboards, making it easy to monitor multiple projects, updates, installations, shipments, and more in real-time
Contract Management
Efficiently manage contracts within the system, ensuring adherence and

Ticketing & Incident Management

CommandLink offers a dynamic IT support experience tailored to your needs. From the hands-on involvement of self-managed services to the elite tier-3 engineer-driven pro-managed approach, our platform facilitates the best of both worlds, all unified for seamless operations.
Pro Managed Service
Rely on CommandLink’s round-the-clock professional engineers. We manage all aspects, ensuring continuous, hassle-free operations
Self Managed Services
Obtain IT services from CommandLink and maintain control. Services like SD-WAN are integrated into our platform, empowering you to lead support and management.
Co-Managed Services
A balanced approach where management responsibilities are shared between CommandLink and you, with direct write configuration permissions.
Dynamic Prioritization
Swiftly respond to pressing issues with alerts categorized based on severity and implications.
Collaboration Tools
Streamline IT tracking and management, enabling effective collaboration and prompt incident acknowledgment.

Command|WATCH Monitoring

A superior integrated monitoring solution within our CommandLink platform.

Designed to offer a holistic IT and telecom experience, this feature ensures real-time oversight of CommandLink services and your additional IT assets.
Platform Integrated Service Monitoring (Included with any IT/Telecom service from CommandLink):
- Uptime: Continuous service availability
- Latency / Packet Loss: Optimal network quality and data transfer
- Bandwidth Utilization: Prevent network congestions with traffic load monitoring
Customer Device Monitoring (Licenses available for personalized IT infrastructure monitoring):
- Network Monitoring (SNMP): Efficiently manage network-connected devices
- Server Monitoring: Oversee server health and performance
- Cloud Monitoring: Manage cloud resources effectively
- Container Monitoring: Ensure smooth operation of containerized applications
- Applications Monitoring: Oversee software application performance
- Service Monitoring: Optimize IT service functionality
- Database Monitoring: Ensure database health and performance


Command|Alert offers a superior integrated monitoring solution within our CommandLink platform. Designed to provide a holistic IT and Telecom experience, this feature ensures real-time oversight of CommandLink services and any additional IT assets.
Multi-Channel Notifications
Choose from email, SMS, or voice as the preferred contact method
Dynamic Prioritization
Classify alerts as low, medium, or high priority based on the severity and impact of the incident
Flexible Scheduling
Customize alert timings based on specific hours, days, or special exclusions
Alert Groups
Group multiple users together, allowing for tiered or simultaneous notifications
Escalation Policy
Ensure incidents are acknowledged within set times; otherwise, they're escalated to higher authorities, guaranteeing accountability
Configurable Reminders
Set reminders at specific intervals, ensuring continued alertness until the issue is resolved


Command|Automate is a dynamic automation platform designed to streamline repetitive tasks and workflows.

Whether sending notifications during a system disruption or auto-assigning contacts to locations, Command|Automate ensures efficient and consistent task execution.

Features like customizable workflows, event-driven actions, and an intuitive user interface reduce manual efforts and enhance operational efficiency, making it a valuable tool for your business.
Automation Rules
Allows users to create specific conditions (or triggers) and associated actions to automate workflows and tasks
Customizable Workflows
It can be applied to specific accounts or objects within an account
Event-Driven Actions
Enables tasks like sending emails, texts, or voice calls based on specific triggers
Flexible User Stories
Allows for a variety of user journeys ranging from specific location-based triggers to account-wide notifications
Intuitive UI
Easy-to-use interface for creating, editing, listing, and deleting automation rules
Detailed Log
Displays all automation rules for an account, including the rule name, owner, and last modified date/time

Dynamic Streaming Dashboards + Real-time Queues

An intuitive, adaptable dashboard designed to provide real-time insights into both service support and operational processes.

This tool streamlines ticket or case management for outages, configuration changes, and general support and emphasizes tracking for new installations, activations, and dispatches.
Tiles System
Each tile acts as a specialized monitor or queue, continuously observing specific facets of your operations. Track case assignments by individual team members, monitor activations as they go live, or keep an eye on dispatch schedules and completions. Each tile is customized to present data pertinent to your needs.
Customized Dashboards
Users can assemble a personalized collection of tiles to form a comprehensive dashboard. Have a dashboard focused on software testing, another for installations and activations, and a third dedicated to tracking dispatches. The flexibility allows for a tailored experience fitting your unique operational structure.
Real-Time Streaming
As your system evolves — new cases, activations, dispatches, comments, updates, or completions — your dashboard instantly reflects these changes. Stay informed in real-time, ensuring optimal response times and efficiency.
Interactive Interface
The user-friendly interface ensures an engaging experience. Assign, reassign, take action, and delve deeper into individual cases or dispatch details from your dashboard.
Optimized Performance
Oversee everything from routine activations to critical dispatches without any lag. Smooth scrolling, efficient data loading, and intuitive design mean you spend less time waiting and more time making informed decisions.

Powerful Visual

Mapping Tools

Instantly visualize your entire technology stack across the globe within a single pane of glass.

Proprietary Utility & Power


CommandLink has built a comprehensive power and utility monitoring system to quickly identify the source and cause of an outage.

Combined with CommandLink's remote power management system known as Power|Link, CommandLink reduces downtime using proprietary data and engineering not found anywhere else.

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