CommandLink Announces Power|Link

Power|Link provides secure remote power management for strategic network devices globally without the need for physical access.
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Bothell, WA - In an era where network reliability is paramount, businesses are seeking innovative solutions to minimize downtime and maintain uninterrupted connectivity. Power|Link introduces cutting-edge Remote Reboot PDUs, setting a new standard in network infrastructure management.

Power|Link's Remote Reboot PDUs revolutionize network management by offering instant remote power management for the entire rack-mounted systems directly from the proprietary Command|Link ITSM. Whether you are operating a data center, a telecommunications hub, or any critical network infrastructure, Power|Link provides the agility needed to ensure business continuity.
"Automated remote power management is the next logical iteration to our pursuit for perfection. As one of the most fundamental steps in recovering from an outage, Power|Link takes business continuity to a whole new level,” added Mason Miles EVP of Sales at CommandLink. “Eliminating manual cumbersome processes is what the Command|Link ITSM platform was built for.”
Power|Link's Remote Reboot PDUs are designed to empower businesses by providing the reliability, efficiency, and control needed to maintain uninterrupted network operations. Power|Link is directly integrated into the Command|Link ITSM, enabling real-time status updates, remote power resets by the Command|Link tier-3 support POD, and power draw for each individual power port.
About Command|Link
Command|Link is the first and only solution provider to seamlessly integrate voice, data, and security into a proprietary ITSM platform and network. Recognized as the leader in technology infrastructure scalability and dependability, Command|Link has built the technology platform enterprises depend on to scale their organizations. Command|Link boasts the most integrated voice, data, and security network, enabling seamless and secure global access coupled with our proprietary ITSM. Thanks to our industry-leading SLAs on both voice and data, CommandLink clients never have to worry about downtime. When needs do arise, CommandLink clients have direct access to tier 3 POD support 24/7. To learn more about Command|Link, please visit:

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