Contact Center Case Automation and Multichannel Support

Learn how Command|Desk is the most effective multichannel case management solution in the industry.

Supercharge the

Speed of Service

Exceptional customer service can only be achieved with the right set of tools.

CommandLink has developed the most advanced case management system globally, allowing for seamless scalability without compromising the customer's satisfaction.
Cases Made Easy
Case Dispositions
Case Roles
Case Rules
Case Status
Case Types
Customized Views
Status Alerts
Customizable Fields
Merge Cases
Case Priority
Case Status
Case Tracking
Automatic Update Notification
Image Attachments
Custom Checklists
Public and Private Case Notes
Bulk Actions (Close, Open)
Multi-User Groups
Dynamic Case Forms
Automatic Case Routing
Case Templates
Case Assignments
Customizable Channels
Customizable Campaigns
Time Open Alerts
Status Alerts
Document Attachments

Case Automation

Automated Workflows
Build a fully custom workflow

Automatic Case Creation
Enable triggers and events to automatically generate a custom case creation process

Case Prioritization
Ensure every case gets the attention that they need when they need it using automated case prioritization
Case Assignment
Make sure clients are assigned to the right support without the hassle or manual processes
Automated Case Notes
Ensure data is collected, stored, and available without manual labors or mistakes

Automated Emails
With automated emails, answers can be provided in real-time without waiting for manual responses
Complete Email Integration
Create a fully customized multichannel experience with email integration and automation.
Platform Based Cases (you no longer have to rely on emails)
Unlimited Email Addresses
Automated Contact Forms
Automatic Case Attachment
Customizable Email Templates
Automatic Case Attachment
Automatic Case Creation
Multiple Shared Inboxes

Empower Every Agent

To Be a Customer Champion

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by promptly addressing their needs on the initial contact, thereby saving time and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Resolve Issues as a Team

Standardize Your SLA
Create a consistent customer experiences with SLA standards for case response and resolutions.
Scenario Automation
Avoid agent overlap, unnecessary follow-ups and canned responses seamlessly.
Team Collaboration
Combine and connect cases with shared accountability and collaboration.
Productivity Platform
Fully customizable case dispatch, prioritization, event based cases, and custom workflows.
Command|Desk Isn't a Software, It's a Platform
Command|Desk provides the most comprehensive multichannel platform, enabling true automation and the ultimate customer experience.
Case System
Messaging & Live Chat
Help Center
Community Forums
Reporting & Analytics
Answer Bot
Customer Service Software
Case System Software
Live Chat Software
Knowledge Base (Ask AI)
Forum Software
Help Desk Software

Enable Field Reps

to Succeed Anywhere

Successful businesses need a flexible workforce that can be just as effective in the office at outside of the office. 

With Command|Desk, your field reps will enjoy secure and easy access to a seamless experience for them and their client.

State-Of-The-Art Chat Features

Custom Chat
Custom Branded Web SDK & Web Widgets
Scalable Chats
Unlimited Chats, Real-Time Language Translation
Feature Rich
File Sharing, Pre-Defined Scripting, Typing Indicators, & Pre-Chat Forms
Agent to Agent Transfers, Intelligent Routing



Facilitate seamless Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow case management to help avoid unnecessary window toggling.

Connect on the Channels Your Customers Love

Measure What Matters Most

Fully customizable analytics and dashboard to understand how agents and groups perform across unlimited KPIs. Track customers experiences and satisfaction in real-time.
Custom Dashboards
Customizable Views
Queue Monitor
Multichannel Analytics
Live Call Summary
Live Queue Visibility
Live Agent Activity
Agent Statuses
Create & Save Custom Reports
Agent Desktop Recording
SMS reporting
Satisfaction Surveys
Abandoned Call Metrics
Service Level Monitoring (SLA)
Advanced Call Metrics
Live Case Queues
Time Tracking (SLA)
Customizable Channels
Customizable KPIs



Enable your customer community to help each other with the guidance and supervision of your internal support team.
- Knowledge Base (Self-Service) Ask AI
- Help Widgets
- Organized and Structured Content
- Article Permissions (View)



Command|Desk prioritizes enterprise-level security by implementing network and system audits, regulatory compliance, and end user security to ensure every experience is secure from end-to-end.

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