Streamlining IT for the Medical Space

One of the world's largest medical practices consolidated 300+ vendor relationships and saved 80+ IT hours weekly.

Customer Profile

One of the world's largest medical practices consolidated 300+ vendor relationships and saved 80+ IT hours weekly.

5,000+ Employees
500+ Locations
$1B in Annual Revenue
Publicly Traded


Vendor Consolidation

The client needed to streamline IT resources by eliminating their vendor sprawl.


The large medical practice was managing hundreds of vendors, creating invoice headaches and significant compatibility and visibility challenges.

Automated Support

The medical practice needed to focus on their patients needs and spend less time managing vendors, inventory and wasting time on manual support processes.


By consolidating the company's 300+ vendors into a single platform, the business was able to achieve consistent SLAs, save hundreds of IT hours, and gain critical visibility into their network and performance.
Thanks to CommandLink's proprietary ITSM, the customer was able to automate and customize their support needs across 100% of their 500+ locations. Combined with CommandLink's tier 3 support model, they were able to offload critical tasks.
Through vendor consolidation, support automation, and CommandLink's ITSM platform, the customer saved 80+ IT hours every week.
By consolidating their network vendors, the client was able to create ubiquitous network performance and effortless redundancy.
The proprietary CommandLink ITSM platform enabled the client to customize and automate their network management with tier 3 POD support.


Consolidated Billing
80+ IT Hours Saved Weekly
Unified Network Controls, Visibility, and SLAs
100% Tier 3 Support
Support Automation
Fully Integrated ITSM Platform With Built-In Inventory Management

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