Your Comprehensive Cloud Phone System

Voice | Group Meeting | Screen Sharing | Text | Video | Chat | Presence

Comprehensive System

Control your new phone solution in real-time through a powerful, user-intuitive command portal.

User Friendly

An exceptional user-experience with a dedicated application for users and a powerful SaaS platform for administrators.

Desktop & Mobile Support

Navigate across devices to ensure that you can call, text, or collaborate with your team at all times.

100% Uptime

Best in class tech, geo-redundancy and a Active-Active stack ensures you’re always available with 24/7 uptime.

Voice | Text | Chat | Video

Collaborating with your team or remote partners has never been easier. And because nearly 80% of company meetings today include remote participants, a unified communications and video conferencing infrastructure is imperative to ensure the utmost productivity on a daily basis.

Through our HD voice, text, and video support, you’ll quickly gain the ability to collaborate across devices with increased operational efficiency and individual productivity.

  • Multi-platform
  • Screen sharing
  • HD Quality
  • Audio Bridge
Calling Features & Apps
1000+ Features

HD Voice & Video

Our technology supports HD voice calling and video.

Auto Attendants

Smart auto attendants help to route your calls with comprehensive tiered menus and time of day options.

User Call Control

An intuitive interface lets your employees self-control their calling features.

Call Routing

Quickly deploy your teams to inbound calls to improve efficiency, client communication, and customer experience.

Call Analytics & Reporting

Advanced metrics and reporting into calling trends with easy and extensive report generation.

Centralized Contacts

Use a centralized contacts hub to ensure that your business contacts are organized and easily locatable across devices and applications.

Powerful Integrations

Easily integrate your new phone system with all of your applications.

Secure Geo Redundancy -- 100% uptime

Multiple data centers help to ensure that your communications remain online even in the event of a disaster.

Seamless Real-Time Management

The CommandLink SaaS management platform serves as your complete phone management system. Easy to manage and control, your new phone system can quickly and seamlessly move from the cloud to your mobile device on a 24/7 basis.

  • Quickly move, add, or make changes to your system.
  • Increased device management.
  • Call routing & scheduling support.
  • Insightful visibility and reporting.

Dedicated Team of Engineers & Project Managers

We provide support the way it should be provided – professionally.

Because we’re intent on providing exceptional service and support for our clients, we’ve re-invented the ways in which support services are offered. Forget about filing a support ticket, calling into a call center, and jumping from agent to agent. Instead, we’ve leveraged intelligent routing capabilities to only connect you with the engineers with the most experience, knowledge, and expertise of your unique UCaaS phone system.

We’re not just a support team – we’re an extension of your business.

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