4 Elements That Balance Security and Resiliency

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Security and resiliency are an ever-evolving challenge for organizations to address. With the development of new technologies, cyber threats, and changing business landscape, businesses have to maintain a balance between security and resiliency in order to protect their data and operations. Here are four elements that help organizations maintain this balance:

1. Risk assessment: In order to keep security and resiliency in balance, organizations must have a comprehensive risk assessment process in place. This entails identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, assessing the likelihood of occurrence and impact, and developing strategies for mitigating or avoiding them.

2. Policy and procedures: Developing and implementing policies and procedures related to security and resiliency is essential for organizations. These policies should outline the expected behavior of employees and systems, as well as the processes that should be followed if a breach or disaster occurs.

3. Training and awareness: Training and awareness programs are key to ensuring that employees understand the security and resiliency protocols and expectations. Providing refresher training on a regular basis and educating employees on the latest threats and techniques are important parts of keeping security and resiliency in balance.

4. Technology: Organizations must create a strong technology foundation to ensure secure and resilient operations in today's dynamic environment. This entails deploying the appropriate hardware, software, processes, and networks for optimal security and resiliency.

Organizations must continually review their security and resiliency plans, policies, and procedures to ensure they stay up to date. By following these four elements, organizations can maintain a balance between security and resiliency and remain prepared for any threat or disaster.

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