Unified Communications

With the advent of the ‘always-on’ workforce and the proliferation of cost-effective smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are increasingly becoming portable extensions of the business communications infrastructure. Now you can solidify this relationship with CommandLink Communicator.

With integrated voice, video and messaging accross multiple devices - Your customer can always reach your staff whether they are at their desk, at home or on the go.

One number across all user devices. PC & Mac. Iphone and Android.
seamless access to business and personal contacts
All UCaaS|Link contacts - that is contacts in the same business group set up for the enterprise, are addressable via IM, Call and Conferencing allowing for an integrated messaging and telephony experience. IM and group IM conversations are synced between the desktop and mobile clients to provide users a seamless experience.

UCaaS|Link Communicator also supports SMS/MMS capabilities
Multiple participants can share their screens and co-annotate for a more interactive meeting.
CommandLink delivers a comprehensive and compelling range of unified messaging features. Communicator presents a single interface for fixed and wireline messaging, and users can be alerted to new messages received on any line. With integrated media players and an optional cloudbased speech-to-text transcription service, users can watch videomail and can choose to listen to voicemail or read it. Users can delete messages or forward messages via email.
Communicator is a seamless participant in the multi-device visual call control experience. Using Communicator, users can push/pull active calls from the Mobile to the Desktop (and vice-versa), without interrupting the call.
UC Trigger Integration: Single-click through to customer relationship management (CRM), conferencing, file sharing and collaboration.

UCaaS|Link allows for simple integrations into third-party services. Outlook integration for example, synchronizes contacts’ call and calendar presence and supports click-to-call/chat from the Outlook contact card.

User configurable options to launch third-party services such as CRMs (Salesforce, SugarCRM) for lookups on incoming call information, open file sharing services (Google Drive and Dropbox) for file sharing and access conferencing services (Webex) make workflows simpler and more efficient for the end user.
Exposes call manager options (eg. Available, Do Not Disturb, Forward Calls)
• Windows 7+
• Mac OS X 10.7+
• iPhone - 5 or newer running iOS 10 or above. Integration with CallKit on iOS 10 or above. Bluetooth headsets supported
• iPad 4 or above
• Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and above (Contact Commandlink for specifics)
Customers benefits from CommandLink's Zero Touch provisioning and distribution capabilities.

Effectively eradicating the need for client-side configuration, CommandLink's exclusive SIP Provisioning Server dramatically simplifies wide-scale business deployments of our UCaaS|Link Communicator client for both the end user.

For the mobile client, CommandLink maintains an up-to-date version on both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store. In addition, the CommandLink Service Assurance Server and Analytics platform extends unique proactive and reactive analysis capabilities to network managers, affording an unprecedented quality of experience while significantly reducing mean time to repair metrics.

Meetings & Collaberation

Cloud-based collaboration & unified communication solution

Cloud video and collaboration service
No equipment to deploy or manage

Collaborate with flexible options
video, chat, and screen/file sharing.

Easily record audio and video of conferences

  • Supports conferences with up to 200 participants
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc conferences
  • Video & audio conferencing
  • Desktop sharing and file sharing
  • Can be used as a room system with control over external cameras
  • Phone System Features

    Everything you need for business communication

    The user portal is CommandLink’s next-generation web user interface, delivering network based services and configurable capabilities via web, business phone, mobility device and TV. Our user portal enables your users to easily access and manage their individual telephony services, empowering granular customization of call features, access to contacts, miss calls and visual voicemail.
    IM and Presence enabled by Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) - delivered by our Messaging Service. Business Group member auto-population for IM and Presence for a seamless out-of-the-box experience. Group IM function enables co-worker collaboration. Users can send and receive files on 1-to-1 chats. Reject with IM option for incoming calls.

    Presence state derived from combination of: -Accession client status – Available, Away, Offline.
    -Call state of Accession and twinned devices – ‘In a Call’.
    -User selectable Busy, Do Not Disturb states – integrated with Call Manager state.
    -Users can also add custom presence statements.
    Hunt Group:
    Allows subscriber to specify a list of numbers for calls to be forwarded to. If the subscriber’s line is busy when a call comes in, these numbers are called in sequence until one is not busy and can accept the call.

    CommandLink UCaaS Phone System include a group of related functions used in call center and helpdesk environments for queueing and routing of incoming calls so that they can be handled quickly and efficiently. For small call centers requiring ACD routing and queueing with basic supervisory and agent features, we offer our integrated ACD product with two levels of functionality to meet your ACD needs: Integrated Basic Agent and Integrated Premium Agent.
    Easily build policies to control call routing based on time and basic logic.
    -Unified communications on any device, in any location
    -Enable users to communicate however they want: voice calls, video calls, or IM
    -Extend the network operator’s brand on to more devices
    -Make voicemail easy to access and manage with an intuitive UI
    -Maintain high voice quality even when Wi-Fi or mobile reception is poor
    -Deploy with CommandLink Analytics for proactive and reactive analytics
    -Supports Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
    -Users get the same calling features, dial plans and outgoing caller ID that they get on their office phone
    -Supports Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G or wired connections
    -Access to a centralized corporate contact book
    -Instant messaging (IM) and presence
    -Video calling
    -Visual voicemail
    -Incoming call management
    -SILK audio codec
    -Forward error correction minimizes packet loss
    -Zero-touch dynamic distribution and auto-provisioning
    Enables your company with an option to play customized media, such as music, announcements or advertising, with your customers are on hold.
    You can specify a list of numbers that are run whenever your line is called, and an order for those numbers. Each of your specified numbers is rung in order (and several numbers can be rung simultaneously) until one of them answers the call, or the list is exhausted and the caller can then be sent to voicemail.
    Using our easy portal, you can forward a voicemail as an email attachment to multiple email addresses, either automatically or as required.
    Informs you on a busy line that there is another incoming call. You are then able to put the first call on hold to answer the second call, and then switch between the two calls. If you hang up on the first call, they receive an immediate ringback with the second call.
    Set you calls to be forwarded to a voicemail or another number easily in our portal. You may choose to record a separate greeting to be played when unconditional call forwarding is active on the line.
    Billing records and concise call logs are all available in our portal. Call reports are simple filters that can quickly be configured to refine your data. Some packages provide additional data visualizations of your calling.
    Call Park:
    Your Business Group users can put a call on hold so that it can be retrieved at any other Business Group line within the group.

    Call Pickup:
    Allows call to a Business Group line within a preconfigured call pickup group to be answered at any other Business Group line within the call pickup group by dialing a feature code.
    Callers may dial an extension number on the telephone keypad to reach the intended party.
    You can activate or de-activate the service, and edit the screening list(s) for the distinctive cadence of unique ringing.
    Allows you to talk to two people in different locations at the same time.

    3-way Ring Back:
    If the you hang up after setting up the second leg of a three-way call, you will receive an immediate ringback and are connected to the first party (still on hold).
    Click-to-Dial: use our app to set up calls from a business number using other devices, such as a twinned desk phone or cellular. Push and pull call between Accession clients on different devices.
    A simple telephone user interface creation service that allos the caller to select from a number of options using their telephone keypad.

    REPLAY MENU Repeat the call router announcement. LEAVE MESSAGE Leave a voicemail for a subscriber specified by the menu option. TRANSFER TO NUMBER Transfer the call to a number specified by the menu option. This number need not belong to a user in the system. TRANSFER TO OPERATOR Transfer the call to the operator (receptionist) number associated with the call router. The special key 0 always selects this option, if an operator number is configured for the call router. TRANSFER TO CALL ROUTER Transfer the call to another call router, enabling a simple multi-level TUI hierarchy.
    Basic: Anonymous call rejection, selective call rejection and selective call acceptance.


    Replicated the answering machine experience by enabling your users to listen as voicemails are being recorded and break-in to the call at the push of a button instantly. ONE-WAY MEDIA Subscribers can listen-in anonymously while a caller leaves a message.
    DISTINCTIVE RING The system notifies the subscriber via a pulse (analog phone) or other distinctive tone, when a caller is prompted to leave a message. .
    AUTO-ANSWER Subscribers with a SIP phone may choose to have Live Message Screening automatically activate the speakerphone function instead of alerting them via distinctive ring. .
    INTERRUPT MESSAGE Subscribers may choose to connect to the call at anytime while listening-in as the caller leaves a message. .
    Allows classes of outgoing calls (e.g. Long Distance) to require that an account code is entered from a user. Typically, used to allow professional users such as a lawyer’s office to associate calls with their own client accounts via codes.
    Definition of a logical Phone Sytem group for each unique business group or location definition has separately configured options and dialing plans.
    Paging groups: allowing the phones to act as a public address system.

    Intercom Dialing: Permits dialing of intra-Business Group calls using dial codes of 1-7 digits (generally configured for 3 or 4 digits). The Business Group Dialing Plan may optionally allow access to non-Business Group lines using Intercom Dialing. You can dial in and use a communications device as a intercom.

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