At the end of the day, nothing is more important to us than ensuring that the systems and infrastructure we design and implement for our clients receives the proper, limitless support it deserves. For that very reason, the overarching obsession throughout our entire team remains the fact that our exceptional client service is what drives our desire to do what we do.

When it comes to building voice and data networks, everything is about the Link. And at Command Link, the link starts with our relationships with our clients. No link can function without ‘round the clock support, and we provide just that.

When it comes to your overhead, having a Telecom and SaaS partner who you can trust to get your systems up and running quickly is quite simply, priceless.

Customer Team

A team built around your business

We provide our clients with a dedicated support team entirely focused on your business. And along with your team, you’ll also receive a dedicated project manager who will work with your business to manage the entire process. So, they’ll help to design your solution, they’ll work to install and configure it, then they’ll even manage logistics to ensure that your installation is without issue. As your dedicated point of contact, you can focus on what’s important and let your project manager handle everything else, ultimately offering you less downtime and more uptime on running your business.

Design + Strategy Engineer

In order to provide our clients with a level of comfort and trust in knowing that they always have a reliable partner to support and address all of their Telecom and SaaS needs, we offer our clients the services of a dedicated Network Design Engineer to work with you every step of the way. They’ll help you understand our processes, our goals for your business, and all of the benefits that will come along with your new systems and network designs. We’ll present you with a range of options to show you just how you can improve your systems and integrate them into your existing network or design a brand new solution completely personalized for your unique needs.

Dedicated PM

1:1 Certified Project Managers

Your project manager will be with you every step of the way to ensure that the organization and deployment of your new systems runs smoothly. Your certified project manager will cooperatively define the scope of your project to you, and then work to ensure the successful transformation and deployment of your new network.

Command|PODS - Support Teams

No frustrating call center support and endless escalations like our competitors. Instead, we assign you to a dedicated engineering POD. Each Command|POD is a team of engineers with a variety of skills in voice, routing, security and application support. Each time you need assistance you are priority routed to your POD and assigned to a engineer based their experience working with your network, tech specialty and availability. Our team, or should we say, your team within CommandLink will free up your human resources to do more. Our level of service and engineering ability simply doesn't exist anywhere else in our industry.